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paz1020 :

hey any one supposed to be leaving in Jan 2020?

Im waiting on my offer letter from the MOE. I applied in October 2019 so im waiting. how long does it take to receive the offer letter?

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Did anyone know how much you get paid or did not get paid in TTP for 2 months? As we have to take TTP before full employment. And anyone got TTP undertaking form?

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Is anyone waiting on a contract for the business teacher training programme starting in Jan 2020? I did interview in Manchester in October. Any idea how long the contract will take?

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hi I have received my initial offer letter, so I am waiting for my official offer letter now. I think start is February 2020

Hi. When was your interview date? Mine was dec 7, received an email of confirmation that I passed but no offer letter yet. Any thoughts?

I had my interview on November 16, 2019 in Sharjah. I applied directly to MOE. I received an email saying my interview was successful. I just received an email about a 5 week training. I have taught for 8 years in the USA. I have not yet received my offer letter.  Did anyone else receive an email about a 5 week training?

The latest update I received is that the new start date is 9th February 2020. I am due to start the business teacher training programme but I am still waiting on my contract. The individual I am dealing with in world teachers is very vague which doesn't fill me with confidence and they keep saying the start dates can change. Has anyone received a contract yet? even for other disciplines?

When did you got your initial offer letter? I appeared on 2nd nov in abu dhabi got initial offer on 27th nov now waiting for final contract.

I interviewed in Manchester on 19th October and received the initial offer on 26th November and have been waiting on the contract since. The start date was intended to be the 5th Jan but now it has been pushed back to February 9th but I am not confident of that date either as the agency I am dealing with says the dates can change!

I think agency cant do anything its all upto moe to prepare final contract with approval of relevant ministries, I am also waiting as direct applicant.


Good morning guys

I was interviewed in August 2019 in Sharjah for MOE TTP business teacher. Applied through MOE website. Got the initial offer in September , signed and send it back.
Got the initial offer back again in November 2019 to sign and send back again with required documents.

There hasnt been any reply from them since then. Its been like more than 2 months. Any idea when the final contract comes through ? In my MOE Jobs page it shows verifying profile and documents even now.

Yes. Got the initial offer twice and it back with docs. Latest one was sent in November 2019. No reply since then. Still waiting for final contract. Shows verifying profile and documents on website.

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