MOE initial offer letter

Congrats Zebanaaz. is this for computer science ? I heard health sciences also received their initial contracts.
I have not received mine yet (Biology) but hopefully it coming soon :)

tats great.. Hopefully u ll receive too

Hi I have also applied.Can u confirm me how the process goes....

Hi,can I have your contact number please

You apply then
1. Interview
     - Micro teaching
     - Interview
2. Outcome of interview email
3. Initial offer
4. Final offer
5. Visa and flights
6. Information on where you will teach

basic outline. Your agency or the MOE will send you emails on what they want during each step

Anyone from MOE UAE,

I received my initial offer :)

Congratulations :)

Congratulations to you all. I interviewed late December. And I have received my final contract. A mobilisation date of 24 March 2019 was proposed but I told them that I could only join from April 14.

Congrats Brahm... What's your teaching subject?

Maths. You? When are you mobilising?

No clue about about moving, coz my interview is yet to be taken.

Hi Everyone,
I am an experienced Western teacher with a Bachelors degree and a CELTA. I received my initial offer letter last week, but i have not signed it yet because of the low salary being offered- 16000 dhs. I was under the impression that this low rate was for Graduated teachers , not experienced teachers, and I know some teachers who have less qualifications than me, and are making 21000 a  month. Would anyone like to share what they were offered?  I am really disappointed as I was expecting more.

I guess the salary is fixed..16k for freshers and 21k for experienced candidates

Yes, so why was i offered the salary of 16000, that is the question.

I heard somewhr tat dey r changing salary while sending offer letter...not sure y

Zebanaaz- do you mind sharing what you were offered? Is it 21000 dirhams?

Mine is field change.. Dey considered me as fresher in teaching

U can ask dem directly.. No issues

OK< so maybe everyone will be offered 16k

Indobacon, if you are not satisfied with the salary you can always communicate this with your agency and see if there is a way forward. Or if you were a direct candidate I'm sure there is someone you can email from the MOE who sent you the initial offer

hai, any one here from L3 batch.

Yes, I am L3 batch

did you get any offer letter and contract.......

I interviewed in Sharjah the 23rd of February, got my initial offer, signed it and now waiting for the pre-employment check. We have a whatsapp group where we share our experiences, send me a private message with your numbers to add you to the group

thanks a lot

I will send you a PM

MOE Interview Feb. 2019

Hi all, my interview is about to take place in couple of days. Can any one tell me if there are objective questions in the written test and how does the whole procedure goes on the day of interview. Pls guide.
Thanks in advance...

Hi ,

How was the maths test ? Was it multiple choice questions ?

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