Hepatitis B detected in 6 categories

I have wen tested positive with hepatitis B

I work with beauty cosmetics And in 6 categories for medical test

What will they do now ?
Will they deport me or treat me ?
How much time do I have left in Dubai ?

Please help me
Does anybody has any idea

Responded to your PM. 

If you are within the 6 categories, you will not be given a work visa.  They will only treat you if there is an immediate threat to your health.  Hep B is not curable (only preventable through vaccination) and will be detected in your blood for life even if you are otherwise healthy and have no symptoms.

In all likelihood, they will deport you.  Time given varies.  I have heard of ranges from 24-48 hours to a few weeks.

I will ask an suggestion please

Cashier and sales has also in 6categories for hepa b?

No.  Unless it is an overlap e.g. sales for food products which involves direct handling.

So i can work in global village as a cashier in entrance or sales lady in souviner shop?

Because they hired me and im scared to try for medical

Yes.  Except if you are in your home country and coming through GAMCA - they will never mark you as FIT.  The way to do is to come to UAE on a visit visa, do medical inside country and then transfer.

Yes im a visit visa here in dubai

Hello...they give me permanet ban coz they detect that i have hepa b...possible that i can come back in uae even for visit visa

If your eyes were scanned before deportation, then no.

Even i have medical certificate  from big hospital thatbmy hepa b is inactive and im fit to work.

Doesn't matter.  If you are banned from entering then it doesn't matter what you have as long as the ban is in place.   You can appeal the ban and try to get it removed using any and all evidence that you have.  That is not easy and usually doesn't work.

Try and apply for a visit visa to verify that you are banned to begin with.

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