MOE initial offer letter

HI have u joined moe?
the process takes how long?

hi friend..,
did u receive any mail regarding the result of the interview?? how come direct applicants like us know if we are accepted or rejected??

Hi everyone,
i have been selected by MOE UAE as a teacher. Does anyone have information about service charge of agents. If yes how much is the service charge. My whatsapp ***

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You don't pay for anything. MOE pays the agency not you

I recieved offer letter

Hi congrats for the offer letter
May I know when you attended the interview and the time scale when u received the offer?
Thank you

I am selected by MOE UAE as a teacher but my agent is asking for very high service charge. Confirmed from MOE that service charge is payable to agent by candidate also but the exact charge is not mentioned by MOE. kindly reply or update if anyone facing similar issue

The recruitment people are cheating you as MOE is already paying every agency on its own. And it had been specified by them that any agency seeking any sort of money is fraudulent.

Moe has officially confirmed service charges payable to agency by candidate. I have Moe email. I wanted to know the exact amount that's it

Can you provide mail/ad screenshot that Moe has barred agencies from collecting money from candidates on wtsapp ***

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Will I require to clear IELTS for MOE teaching job

sulreh84 :

Will I require to clear IELTS for MOE teaching job


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