Re-testing of Medical for X-Ray

Good afternoon.
I don’t know what I do. I think my heart stop from worries.
Last year 2018 at August I open company in Sharjah,  I passed medical test for new visa.  But in the this summer i got married and cancel my old visa, when start to process  Spouse  visa. I go to medical&id. but I get message;
You are kindly requested to attend Block # 7 at Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Center in 2 working days for further follow-up, From 7.00 AM To 2 PM, Sunday to Thursday.
I go back to fit Centre, they say I’m not passed for XRay. I need go Sunday to Muhaisnah.
This happen in evening Thursday.
I immediately, because I cannot waiting for Sunday, went to a private hospital. They send me X-ray. In give report Suspicious to old TB. And I need sputum tb test, but I need to weit 5-7 day.
I don’t know I will do or no, because I need to go tomorrow to Muhaisnah...
But how? Last year when I get new visa I don’t have anything, today old TB😪
I’m afraid go to Muhaisnah.
They  deport me? how will i leave my husband😪

Please if have same a situation help me with advice.

Search the threads - I have given detailed advice on this.  As a spouse, you can stay in the UAE on compassionate basis.  They relaxed this a few years ago.  Longer process and you have to leave first.

thanks, I didn’t found detailed advice.
What you mean: “Longer process and you have to leave first”. I need leave country, after apply?

Go through this thread.  Basically when marked as UNFIT, you are liable to be deported. During that time, your husband needs to file an appeal on compassionate ground with the medical center as per the new procedure.   Once approved, the ban can be lifted and you can come on a spouse visa.  As far as I know, 6 months ago, the person had to have left the country for the appeal to be filed and the process to get moving.  Check with your PRO / medical center & immigration for current situation.

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