Lung Scar Medical Failed UAE--any hope?

Hi badly need advice
i am in uae with my husband

I finished 2 years work in uae with old company, resigned, cancelled all process done. Then i looked for new job and found. They processed my work permit and later i did medical test. I was surprised 2 days later HR called me in the office and showed results that i have deportation order because my medical results is Positive old tb. I was shocked because i worked here 2 years and all is ok with medical 2 years ago.
Company tries to support me, cancelled everything and will try to put me under new visa and medical in different emirate (they have diffrrent branches).
They also asked me to do private testing at a private hospital in uae and see what doc will say (without telling the doc thay i failed the job medical test). Doc in private hospital found scar in x ray, told me it is scar, not harmful to me or to others so no medication or further tests needed then thats it. This is a highly private credible hospital in uae so results are reliable. He sent me home no prescriptions or any other tests needed.

1. If they process me on different emirate and i have to do the medical again there, Do different emirates share health deportation, will the screening hospital see that health office of another emirate orders deportation for me? Or they wont know about it? I am afraid if they have this info they will detain me and will deport me immediately
2. If in case my second medical fails, my husband might be able to sponsor me. Will they allow us to do the process or immediately deport me?
3. As per new law i read on the gulf news, if wife has lung scar, the husband who has uae residency (valid uae job+emirates id+salary+tenancy contract) can sponsor so wife stays 1 year and receive free treatment from govt. Is this happenning now? Can we do this in case 2nd medical fails? Can i work under this type of residency?
4. Why did i get deportation order immediately, why didnt they offer options like further sputum test or the option that husband can sponsor me in case medical fails (i assumed they didnt know i was married???or the law isnt passed yet???or they are not updated with law???)
5. If in case i passed 2nd visa andd medical in different emirate, what could happen with the deportation order of the 1st emirate i applied on?
6. How long before authorities are alerted that i havent left uae even though the health office of one emirate ordered deportation sent to my company hr? I am afraid to walk outside maybe authorities will just take me

Pls any advice or info
I have many sleepless nights already :(
I dont want to go back to my country away from my husband :(

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