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I am a Italian Clinical Psychologist , I want to move to Dubai for work, I started DHA application but when I have to pay the fees with my mastercard the process failed, Do you know what should I do and if I have to pay with arabic creditcard? I have written many times to DHA eService but I don't have any response from they....Now I don't know what can I do!

There is someone who knows what  should I study and how the oral examination will be held for Psychologists?

I hope to receive your advice about it.

Dear italia78,

As far as I know, for payments you would need to use a 'Local Credit Card'.. thats what is mentioned on Page 128 of the Healthcare Professional licensing Guide – 2013.

Have you any idea on the Syllabus/Reference to prep for the Oral exam?



Dear tracesapphire,

Thank you for your replay,

are you a psychologist as well? Are you able to pay DHA fees?
I think that the oral exam regarding DSM, what do you think about?
I hope to help each other,


Hi Italia,

Yeah I'm a Psychologist as well working on getting a DHA license. I havent reached the payment part as yet as I'm currently prepping all the paperwork prior to submission.

I am not too sure if it'd be specific to just the DSM.

I am trying to find out from a friend who got her license from Oman.

Are you practising anywhere at the moment?


Hi, I'm a dentist in Dubai and have been through the DHA process - I had the same problem with payment! You have to pay with a local credit card.

Dear Tracesapphire & Italia,
I've done my masters in Psychology, specializing in Counseling. It will be really kind of you if you could help me with the exam details and syllabus. I'm also a little confused over the licensing from cda. Is dha mandatory even if we are applying through cda?!

Awaiting your reply.
Best Regards,

Dear everyone,
I have to attend the prometric exam in psychology field too for dha licence.
Could you please suggest me a book for studying the test?
Do you even know any details About the exam?
Please your help will be really appreciate, I'm so confused!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello everyone,
I did not know that for DHA psychology licence there is a prometic exam to take.
I supposed it was just an oral exam. Am I wrong?   
What is this prometic exam about? Is it a multi-choice answers kind of test?
If so, is there any book for studying or practicing the test?
It seems very complicated to apply to DHA. I have tried many time to contact them, but nothing. No answers at all.
I am so discouraged... Please could any one of you clear my doubts with advice?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Dear all,
some of you have done the DHA exam for psychology ?
Unfortunately, I stopped the application for a few months but in January I'm going to Dubai . I would be grateful if someone could give me tips on DHA exam .

Thank you in advance

Hi, I am also looking for some information to be a licensed psychologist in Dubai. Please share!

Dear tracesapphire,

How are you?

You have done the exam for the license? if you did you can give me any suggestions on what I should study? it's really hard to understand what I have to study for this exam ... I will go to Dubai in January for the application and seek employment. at the moment I live and work in Italy and you?

Dear hayati83,

it's really hard to understand what you have to study for this exam ... I will go to Dubai in January for the application and look for work. At the moment I live and work in Italy and you? if you want we could help each other and share information on the exam and the application.


Hi, I found some information. Depending on what area do you want to work, you can get your license through DHA or through CDA. Here are also the requirements. There is no information regarding what is the exam about. There is no publication about it.
Please keep in touch, I am working on a project that it might be interesting for you. Also for other psychologist interested, please send me a message to keep you all in the loop. It might take some time though. All the best.

18.28. Psychology*
Psychologist اخصائي علم النفس
Bachelor degree in the field of psychology And Postgraduate Doctoral degree (example: Ph.D., Psy. D., Ed.D., D. Clin. Psy) from an approved psychology faculty or an educational faculty with focus on psychology
Minimum of two (2) years' experience post certification in related field.

Bachelor degree in the field of psychology And Postgraduate, full time Master's degree (includes MSc, MA, M. Phil) of minimum two (2) years from a psychology faculty or an educational faculty with focus on psychology provided that the bachelor degree is minimum four (4) years duration

Psychometrist فني القياس النفسي
Bachelor degree (includes B.A. or B.Sc.) in psychometrics
Minimum two (2) years' experience post certification in related field.

Assistant Psychologist مساعد اخصائي علم النفس
(Title for UAE Nationals only)
Bachelor degree (includes B.A. and B.Sc.) in psychology from a psychology department faculty or an educational faculty with focus on psychology No experience required post certification

 Psychometrist license allows practice only under onsite supervision by a licensed Psychologist
 Assistant psychologist license allows practice only under onsite supervision by a licensed Psychologist

Psychology Disciplines Title
 Clinical
 Health
 Child
 Counseling
 Educational
 Forensic
 Marriage and Family
 Occupational
 Neuropsychology
*Note: In the Emirate of Dubai, DHA license Phycologist in Clinical, Heath and Neuropsychology disciplines. Applicants for the rest of specialties have to apply to Community Development Authority (CDA)

This is the link from dha.gov.ae--click "Sector & Departments"--click "Health Regulations" and you can open the pdf. Otherwise, you can use this link.

Dear Hayati83,
thank you very much for your answer. You live and work in Dubai? in that field? when you will you do the test? if you are in Dubai in February 2016 we could meet. I would be happy if you let me know more about your project, I'd like to colloaborare with you. Stay in touch

Dear italia78,

been a long time!

I have not been able to process further with the DHA licensing in the last couple of months due to personal circumstances.
I have now however restarted the process and still looking for guidance on how to prepare for the exam.

How is your licensing process coming along?

I would be going to Dubai in July and hoping to get some clarity then.


Dear Italia,

You have to pay through credit card , this will be accepted. After getting PSV report, you can book for your prometric exam, not sure whether exam applicable for clinical psychologist.

Have u got salary offer/job in your hand..?

Can I pay for my application for DHA exam with my Visa card from Bulgaria ?

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I have lived and worked temp in Dubai 3 months. I am told to get  paper work done is long procedure and settling in un professional team was also an other hurdle...please aware of ptivate companies which i have had a ugly experience...
At the emd I left this beatiful country and warm people...if there is any other opportunity  i would share my knowledge and experience help the others to build better world around us.

Although we are both Italians, i replay to you in ENGl as politely.
I am child and adolescents psychiatry ,as  I am in the process of DHA licence as well.
its very long process and sometimes, tireless, and exhausting .
However i will suggest you to call  or better to go there to make sure you understand  whats going on.
I have  been supported by English  agency which support medical doctors to commute there, but it was not a  lovely experience.
my suggestions:
1- tray ti use  a Visa , once its clear to you what to do!
2. go there as soon s you can  , or talking with a psycho is already working there

Pay  attention, there a lot of SCAMS! and scarfs!! loooking for money , proving you fake contract!!

hope I could help you
good luck!

Hello I am looking for help in DHA license for Psychologist can anyone help me regarding

@hayati83 I know your post is old but it has been extremely helpful. I have been looking for this information for days. And when I did find the right information I found your post to confirm it. Thank you so much. I am from India (child psychologist) looking to relocate in Dubai.

Hello Pdewan15,

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hayati83's post is indeed informative but she was unfortunately last active in 2015 and might not see your message.

In case you need other information, you can start your own thread on the Dubai forum.



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@Pdewan15 Hi there

I would like to get à psychology licence in the uae. Unfortunately there are contradictory info.

I will be grateful if u could tell me what procedure should be exactly taken