Is 21K SAR a good salary compared to 2Lakh INR in India?

I recently got a job interview from a company in Riyadh and they offered 21K SAR per month as salary.

I currently work in India and I am married and have a kid who is 7months old. The combined salary of my wife and I are 2Lakh INR.

Is it wise to accept the job offer?

Wht other benefits they r offering?

I was told that the offer is inclusive of the Yearly ticket and Iqama Visa (after 6 months for me and my Family).

It is a good salary. Take the job offer if job roles emphasize your skills and current experience. Earn as much as you can. Your wife could work here if she wants to. I am sure that you can save more money than in India. Live here for a year or till the contract ends and decide since you have 7 months old baby you will get enough time until he/she reaches schooling time

Hi, I am an ENT surgeon and my wife is a Pathologist. We ve got a job offer in Al ahsa region. They are offering us 31K sar in total to the both of us. The only thing I'm worried about the litigations and complaints, especially in the surgical branch. How common are they, and how common in ENT? Thanks in advance.

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