Where can I do a piercing in riyadh

hello everyone

hope all doing well

Where can I get a belly piercing here in Riyadh ? ?????

plz hope anyone know


I also had this question but have been told these stores don't exist here, if you happen upon another answer do share as also looking for a needle induced trauma myself :)

i did tried befooooooooooooooooooooooooor couldn't found a good place for that... i had one before in nz but it's close lol
so hope anyone can answer

Just go to any hospital or a clinic.

Sure they will do it..

Al Shamel clinic are probably the best, everyone goes there for piercing.

i dont know about a clincs but regular ear piercings can be made at any jewelry store! what are you planning on getting pierced?! ;-)

borntobemild wrote:

i dont know about a clincs but regular ear piercings can be made at any jewelry store! what are you planning on getting pierced?! ;-)

Lol, secret things maybe ... for me at least let's just say my chest x ray was only half as entertaining as it could have been ;) I may be frowned upon in a jewelry store. Or adored.

i would guess if you went to a jeweler with anything other than your ear or nose you'd get a "you wanna get WHAT pierced now?!" lol

:lol: @borntobemild :top:

i found a clinic it's called Obagi but i don't like it at all lol
i think i'll do it when i travel  :D

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google or facebook ...

you will find professional piercers in Saudi if you search for them!

Alshablan clinic , i did my eyebrow piercing there

al shablan clinic is the best .. i did my lip peircing there .. very cheap also

really there is piercing here !!! coool

i did my belly button piercing  in Alshablan clinic.

Hello, I read recently that you peirced your belly button at al shablan clinic.
I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it because I want to peirce too.
1.how much does it cost?
2.does it hurt a lot?
3.do they provide you with a ring or you buy it? If you buy it from where?
4.did it get infected?
5.do they give a spray to clean it?
6.do they have a certain age or can I have my parents with me?

I would really appreciate it if you answer my questions and thanks!

Did you push through with alshablan?

How was it? And how much did it cost you?


Where is it loacted? How much did it cost?

do they do nose piercings and do you know the price  ?

Hey how r u.
Just had my ear pierced 2 mos back in JOYALUKKAS jewelry shop in LULU SUPERMARKET in Muraba St.
that's only for 25sr (piercing and the temp earing)
Look for Subash, he's an Indian guy, very nice staff.

Bro for real ? Can u provide more information cause I wanna get one

Go to alshablan medical center in urubah

you can get it done at the beauty parlor in Riyadh Avenue Mall. It's called the Grace Beauty Parlor. I got it done for 50 riyals.

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