Natural disaster: Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

It had been till 7.4. 6cm tsunami and 1 grandmother died of shoc.

Hi Mr Heinsi
The europeans news report this, but in real i like to know where, bcouse no one sysmometer register, also for android there is a prog "ehartquake alert"  that no register too. So pls tell me, tkx in advance

Much of Jakarta is suffering from terrible flooding, and will continue to do so until the heavy rain stops. Bogor and other towns are also reporting problems. … rce=search


Worst rain since 1996 (records began)
21 known dead so far … 6892828293

The details make grim reading but the upshot is a lot dead and massive damage.

Parts of Bogor have been suffering from extreme flooding at the moment, and that might well work its way down to Jakarta and the surrounding areas by tomorrow.
Brace yourselves just in case.

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