Bringing Dog to Bali

We are planning to move to Bali (from Istanbul/Turkey) for an indefinite time. We are planning to stay for at least 6 months. If things go well, we can extend our stay to a couple of years without any date to return in our minds.
I have made some research and it seems like due to rabies and H3N2 viruses, it is very hard to move in and out of Bali with your pet.
I know it makes more sense to leave the dog to someone here, move to Bali and if we seem to stay longer, come back to Istanbul and take the dog with us. But unfortunately, we could not find a person to take care of our dog for 6 months so we are considering the option to bring her with us.

If anyone had any experience bringing dogs in and to out of Bali, please share your experiences and any service/company you have used.
Thanks in advance.

This has come up several times with the same answer.
It is possible to import a dog into Indonesia, but it will be destroyed if you (or anyone else) tries to get it into a rabies free area - That includes Bali.

Also, if you attempt to or actually break the law, there's an excellent chance you'll be deported, but that might well be after fines or prison time.
You have to check the penalties for animal smuggling, but you can bet deportation is in there because it is for all serious crimes.

Thank you very much Dear Fred, so let me rephrase your answer. It is not possible to import a pet to Bali legally. Am I understanding correct?


Trying to get a dog into Bali is illegal.

The dog will be killed
You will have serious legal and immigration problems

Thank you very much for the information. Greatly appreciated.

You're welcome

Hi.. Although Fred is correct. I think he did not explain everything to you. Bali is currently a 'rabies free' area therefore FOR NOW, dogs are not permitted. You can find more information here: … a-bali.cfm

If there is a change, standard procedure in Indonesia states that you need to file for an Import Permit for a pet at least 30 days prior to entry. A copy of your passport, a rabies vaccination certificate, and a veterinary certificate must be included in the application. Your pet cat or dog must be vaccinated for rabies between 30 days and 12 months prior to entry, depending which country you are coming from.

If coming from the USA or Canada, an accredited veterinarian must complete the Veterinary Certificate for Indonesia. At least two days prior to entry, the quarantine station must be notified of your time of arrival to arrange for inspection of the pet. Your pet would be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days.

Best wishes

Gwazulu is absolutely correct about the dogs to Indonesia thing but it's a bit of over-information because the target destination, Bali, is a non-starter as far as importing a dog goes.

Dogs (and other animals), under a bunch of conditions that vary by country of origin, can enter Indonesia, but not arrive in, or continue on to, rabies free areas - those including Bali.

However, if someone wants to bring a dog no non-rabies free areas of Indonesia, the information is useful.