Natural disaster: Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

Hello everyone,

We are deeply aggrieved about the twin disasters Indonesia has been hit by, causing countless victims.

So that we can help each other, here are the emergency numbers for Indonesia:

110         : The police
118/119 : Ambulance
115         : Rescue Team
129         : Natural disaster
123         : Power Company / Electricity Supplier
113         : Firefighter

We also have an article on this topic: Useful contacts and resources in Indonesia.

Please feel free to list more emergency numbers or to share the associations/NGO that help people affected by natural disasters.

The entire team and I would like to express our support in these sad circumstances and extend our deepest sympathy to all those who have been touched by this terrible event.

Let us stay strong and united !

Priscilla Team

The news, as you's expect, is pretty bad.
The death toll has risen a lot and some areas have yet to be reached, that and more large quakes reported in Sumba, a place I'm supposed to be visiting sometime in the next month or so.
I'm unsure what the state of play is there as no reports have come from the region as yet.

Reports from Sumba suggest not too bad so far, but these are early reports and can't be trusted to be accurate.
Seems residents are sleeping outside this evening.
An extra C130 scheduled to the tsunami disaster tomorrow morning.

24 earthquakes yesterday. There are reports of damaged buildings, some houses collapsed, a damaged bridge, and people living in tents on higher ground in case a tsumani strikes, but thankfully no deaths or serious injury reported so far.




Event type:                       Earthquake
Region:                           Sumba region, Indonesia
Geographic coordinates:           10.439S, 120.128E
Magnitude:                        5.3
Depth:                            10 km
Universal Time (UTC):              3 Oct 2018  12:38:05
Time near the Epicenter:           3 Oct 2018  20:38:05
Local standard time in your area:  3 Oct 2018  19:38:05

These aren't that big but the events are shallow, that meaning the place gets full force rather than the dampened version a deep earthquake leaves you with.

Sorry this link is in Indonesian … h-kondusif

The upshot is the head of the Indonesian security services is on the case, adding resources to the relief effort in the Palu area and promised losses from looters desperate for food and fresh water will be looked after by the government.

Various relief and rescue groups are on the ground now, all bringing supplies and workers to help with the aftermath of the disaster.
The airport is a mess but partially open so it offers a way out for some.

There are some stories of heroes coming out, those including a man who saved a child by holding the kid and grabbing the top of a tree as the wave threw them about, and Anthonius Gunawan Agung, the air traffic controller that stayed at his post in order to ensure the last flight got away as the earthquake hit. That bravery cost him his life but he saved a plane full of people by his actions.

Video about the airport … lu-airport

Hello Fred,

Thanks a lot for sharing these information with us.

Priscilla  :cheers:

Never having been in such a disaster I can't fully understand the issues but I suspect anything that shows a return to normality is a good thing. … ns-in-Palu

TEMPO.CO, Palu - Banks in Palu, Central Sulawesi, have begun to resume their operations following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the area last week.

Eva, a supervisor at BNI's Palu branch, said that the bank had to assign staff members from other divisions in order to be able to provide services to customers.

"Lidya there is actually from credit," she said on Friday, pointing at a staffer at the customer service desk.

Eva said that some of the staff members are still missing, including two employees who were on Talise Beach when the tsunami came.

The body count so far is reported at above 1,500 people but many places have yet to be explored so that's still likely to increase.
A South Korean athlete is among the victims. … hotel.html

The body of Lee Dong Jin, a South Korean paragliding athlete missing after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Palu, Central Sulawesi, has been found under the rubble of a collapsed hotel.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir said the victim’s body was found on Thursday afternoon. The body has been cremated and repatriated to South Korea.

“We send our condolences to the victim’s family,” said Arrmanatha on Friday at the Ministry.

He added that Lee was among 120 foreign nationals impacted by the killer earthquake and tsunami last week.

A little more encouraging news, and with thanks to those who sent the aid. … es-in-Palu

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The first international aid, transported by C-130 Hercules aircraft, arrived in Palu, Central Sulawesi. The plane, which carried aid from Singapore, landed at Mutiara Sis Al Jufri Airport in Palu on Wednesday at around 14:30 local time.

"I think some of international aid has been sent, but this is the first international aid that arrived directly in Palu," a source from the Indonesian Air Force stated on Wednesday.

The aid from Singapore consisted of tents, blankets, emergency lamps, foods, and medical devices. Tents, blankets, and emergency lamps were unloaded from the plane, while foods and medical equipment remained on the plane.

CNN's Matt Rivers reports from Petobo, Indonesia, where families shared harrowing stories of survival following a devastating earthquake. … kg-vpx.cnn

The number of confirmed victims is rising every day but some on the island are trying to return to normality, or at least the closest they can manage given the mess they're coping with. … SKCN1MI05S

Lombok just had another shaker, and a shallow one at that … /executive

M 5.1 - 11km ENE of Sambelia, Indonesia
2018-12-21 10:43:55 (UTC)
8.329°S 116.774°E
10.0 km depth

Krakatoa erupts - Tsunami - at least 20 dead

News reports suggest the death toll is rising - Most now reporting 43 dead and hundreds injured

Getting worse as time goes on. Some vids are turning up on youtube and news outlets

The latest reports are saying over 200 confirmed dead and a lot of injuries. It appears there has been a lot of serious damage as well. … r%5Eauthor

This BBC piece offers more detail and sad numbers

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll from Anak Krakatau volcano rises -

Sad news always gets sadder with events like this

The death toll following the tsunami caused by the Anak Krakatau volcano has risen to at least 373, Indonesia's disaster mitigation agency says.

I'm not really into the Guardian as a newspaper but this is a well written piece … allowed-me

The toll for the tsunami, confirmed by the Indonesian government to have been caused by land shifting on the nearby Anak Krakatau volcano, is likely to rise further, with 154 people still reported missing in the accident zone and more than 1,500 injured.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for keeping us posted, Fred.

Terrible events struck again in the most horrible way causing heavy loss of life.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all families of victims, can't imagine how shattered people in Indonesia must be following the recent events. The pain of losing a dear one and the anguish of not knowing if the missing ones will ever be found must be unbearable.

Stay safe everyone,
Team Expat.Com

The really nasty part of of the stories I've been reading are about kids playing on the beach at the time.
More than a few schools are going to be missing students in the new year.

It seems an explanation of how the tsunami was caused is with us

They say the volcano has lost more than two-thirds of its height and volume during the past week.

Much of this missing mass could have slid into the sea in one movement.

I just downloaded and watched the movie "Krakatau 1883" from Youtube (english with Indo subtitles)
Interesting watch, half fiction half documentary.
It seems what happened just now is a bit a repeat of the 1883 one, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Looking a lot that way :)

The reason for the last tsunami is now very clear - the volcano lost it's mass into the sea

What was a 340 m mountain is now a bay

This is by far the best photo set I've seen to explain the tsunami … 5215954944

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