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My husband, I and our baby are visiting Chile in February. It looks beautiful! I have some expensive dental work (crowns & such) that I'd like to get done while I'm there....
Can you suggest a dentist in Chile or Peru?
Thank you!

Melodymaryrn wrote:

Can you suggest a dentist in Chile or Peru?

Dear Melody,

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I have been highly satisfied with the work of Dr. Alejandro at Alcanfores Dental in the Expat-friendly Miraflores sector in Lima, Peru.

In recent weeks, he whitened my teeth (two sessions), replaced two amalgam crowns with new ones, and removed four metallic crowns which he will replace on Friday with non-metal crowns. 

He is also removing a problematic dental bridge this week, which he will replace.

His standard fee for a new crown is 800 soles, which is $240 US at the current exchange rate.

We communicate in the Spanish language.  However, in conversation this week, he told me he has had non-Spanish-speaking patients.  They speak to him in English and he understands enough English to plan and perform the work.

He is expert at using anesthesia to prevent pain .. demonstrates a very caring manner .. and seems to know more about the finer points of dentistry than many of the other dentists who have treated me in South America.

His partner dentist at Alcanfores Dental is Doctora Rossmery Gutiérrez.

Website and email for Alcanfores Dental, corner of Alcanfores and Cantuarias in Miraflores, Lima, about two blocks from the famous Kennedy Park:

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