Looking for Speech and Behavior Therapist in Jeddah

Hi everyone, I am looking for Speech and behavior Therapist for my 4 year old son in Jeddah who has been diagnosed mild Autism. Please refer if you know anyone.

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Dear Mr. Ehtesham

Can you please help me as I am also looking for speech and behavior therapist for my son.

How old is your son and are you in Jeddah?

My son is 3.5 years old and I am living in Jeddah. Please also recommend any good school.

Dear Ehtesham - can you please guide me too on this topic. I am looking for a good speech therapist for a 9 year old boy in Jeddah.


Are you still looking for a behaviour therapist?

I am looking for ABA therapist in Jeddah, My 5.5years old son is mild autistic. I am pakistani.
Anyone can advise?
Please contact or send message on ***.

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