Thai people in Kuwait


I am looking for some thai people in Kuwait and maybe can be friends.

I'd like to know what there is for thai here. Where is good thai food and where is good food market and things like this.

It would be nice to speak thai with someone here.

Thank you

Hi Suphansa,

You could do a quick search here :

You may send Thai expats a private message while introducing yourself, however, please do not send any copy paste message, write an original and unique message each time, otherwise your private message might get blocked.

In which region are you ?

All the best,

Thank you I will look at that.

I am in staying in Mahboula now

Seen a Thai restaurant on google in your region, the reviews are pretty good, perhaps you could check in and give it a try : … :1,lf_ui:9

Yes there are! And I have a fren as well

Hi there is certainly a good Thai restaurant in mangaf block 4, but I cannot verify whether it merely serves Thai style food or is actually run by Thai workers.

For proper Thai food by Thai people look no further than Thai Chow King:

Don't expect a fancy establishment though. :)

Or maybe do a search on talabat which at least will give you the names of some businesses. Then a bit of detective work on google maps will pay off

Sawatdee Krap!

Sawadee Krap

Question for thai people.

How get any visa to Kuwait.... I am hare in Kuwait and I try bring one person from Thailand to Kuwait.

Please advice me what are options... And is it agency that can do it for me?

@Krzysztof83 hello Krys,

firstly, i think its Kap, not Krap, Sawadi Kap.

second, as with any nationality that is not given visa on arrival, the option would be to apply for a job. Sadly at this moment, I do not think they are processing any visas, as that would be another option, to have your "friend" apply for a tourist visa through hotels. It is only the big hotels that offer this, but you are welcome to check with any of them you wish, they'll need a copy of their passport etc.

but your first and best step should be to check with hotels.