Making (female) friends here in Kuwait?

So I'm a Finnish student, 21 years old and currently living in Kuwait with my husband. I arrived here earlier this year and were planning on staying just for few months, but things change and now it seems that I will be staying here for a while!😌 I'm still a student (in Finland) so I don't really have a large social circle here in Kuwait. I would love to meet some new people and make friends, since I've found it really hard in my situation. It feels a little bit weird to post on a forum in attempts to find friends, but I really don't know what else to do anymore, lol.

I love travelling, horror videos games and cats. I started going to concerts when I was 11 years old, so music is really important to me as well. In the future I'm planning on studying forensic psychology. I go to the gym here, but so far I haven't been able to meet anyone there either lol.😂

Anyway, feel free to message me if you feel like we'd have something in common! But if you're a male with an agenda, please don't bother since I really am not interested in any kind of relationship other than normal friendship.

Hi sweety. I am more than Glad to meet you.
Whatsapp me and lets meet together. 😉

Hey There Dear,
Please message me and we can hang out! I am an American and Halloween is coming up, I would love to binge watch some Halloween movies!

I just moved here a month ago so I know how you feel! All the best,

Hello Ms. August 😉
Wow! Halloween. Sure lets have some cup of coffee during weekend. Here is my whatsapp or viber.. ***


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Dear Juliana,

It's such a pleasure to hear from you through this website. I have saved your whatsapp number and will shortly message you for coffee over the weekend!

My WhatsApp, ***.

All the best,

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Hi, I've been in Kuwait for a year and 6 months already and have struggled to find friends and activity partners. Hope I can also meet up with you some time.

Hi there, I’m nigerian and currently residing in Kuwait. I’m married. Haven’t made any friends here for months. A coffee date won’t be bad.

hi dear!  let me know your good time time we all ladies can meet some caff or garden.

I w can meet up. Send me a message when you’re ready.

Hi everyone,

As a reminder, the OP is looking for female friends. ;)


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Hi noel, I'd be more happy to get to know you and meet you.

I am open to meeting for coffee ?
Ladies let me know x

Hi, I've been here in Q8 for a year. Highly recommend women organizations like the British Ladies Society or American Women League. They have coffee mornings where you can mingle and find the people that you might click with. My personal experience with online so far: just a number of weird messages from all sorts of shady characters, so please be careful about who you go out with.
Enjoy Kuwait and hope you'll like it in here,

Thank you. Can I add you ?

Thank you , I did notice. Maybe not so clever putting my full name! Anyway ladies if you want to go for a coffee pls let me know. I will look into the ladies groups you said - thank you :)

Lets go! Just arrived here last Jan 19 and hardly hace anything to do and Zero friends


Hey there! I see it is an old thread but I just moved a week ago and really would like to meet girls to become friends with. I find it a bit difficult so far. Any girl would like to grab a coffee tomorrow?

I'd like to have female friends here too! 😊

Hello Ladies i would like to meet up with you sometimes

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Yup I need female friends too


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Hello there I'm looking for friends too

Hi let’s catch up

Hi, I want to make female friends too. My Names Naz, I'm in Salmiya. I'm a teacher from the UK. Lets see if we have any common interests or hobbies.

talk soon,

Hi Naz, nice to meet you dear

Hey hi
I am also in Salmiya
Share your what’s app no
We can get in touch dear

Hi everyone, I'm looking to make female friends also. So if you're a guy, no offense but Please Dont Write me!  :unsure

Take care, best regards, Naz

Hi there , I am living in Mahboula so if someone interesting to hangout for coffee or walk on the beach so why not let’s do it . I can pick you up with my car if you don’t have . You can drop me a message to my inbox .



I’ve just moved to Kuwait and it would be lovely to meet new people around the area. I don’t really know anyone yet or anywhere, the places are all new to me. So if someone could also show me around, I would appreciate it! ☺️

Hi and welcome on board.

Hi, I am going to be in Kuwait for one month Nov - Dec and would love to hang out with some people for coffee or a movie while my husband is at work. I will be returning also so would love to continue a friendship when I return. I'm from Canada in my 40's but very young hearted.

hey dear
love to meet u up
can call me on *** or whats app me

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Dear Alex,

I live in Mahboula too! If you are ever free, let's definitely meet up and have some coffee!
I would love to make new friends!

All the best,

Hi Smana,

I'll be in Kuwait next week for the next four weeks. I'll be staying not far from Marina Mall. Would love to get together for a coffee. I'll be in Kuwait for a month.

As I’m new here in this forum, I would love to meet up and socialize with other members here in Kuwait.

Im Kuwaiti and looks for females friends, im married and have two kids if you have one they can join us😜 would you like hung out or having a coffee or taking the kids out having fun with them😁😄😁

Hi dear
Contact me
Let's meet up

Hi there, yes I arrived in Kuwait on thursday. Still trying to get settled bit loving it already. This going to sound like a bit of a stupid question but you are female right? I only ask because there have been some men on that thread looking to make new friends also but I'm only looking to meet with females. Just want to make sure. If you are female that I am definitely interested in meeting up for a coffee sometime.

Oh sure
When u r here pls message me
We shall catch up

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