Married couple looking for new friends

hey every body, we are mix race married couples no kids till now friendly  she in 26 he is 34, living in Kuwait - hawalli ,
as every body know that no much activities which u can have it here i kuwait ,with a lot of limitation ,

we use to have drink and shesha in our house with some friends , and we looking to have new friends expat like us to share nice moment together


It's a pleasure to meet you.

Welcome to kuwait and nice to hear that

I am in same page, mail me.

Really that's great to post this subject
I think all of us have the same problem
I live in Mangaf ... You are welcome to visit me
It's kind of change .. If you don't have a car just tell , I will come to take you
This invitation for all
We can make group so every week end we can make some activities
You can call me xxx
Nice to meet you

Hi u r so brave 2 right like that
And but your no...u must be carful some ppl r not what they seem..and un behaive..good luck

Cool but limitation made me think..can u more..many thanks .

If you want any kind of help just let me know


We are a older couple. Our children are grown up. We miss the things like you do..

We are looking for new friends. We know how you feel.

Enjoy life in Kuwait.
Good Luck

count me in

I'd like to play some boardgames during weekends. Let me know if someone's up for it. Thank you. :)

I am in Hawalli too and experiencing same feelings of boredom and tiresome
I will be very grateful if u accept me share u some activities
Thnx a lot

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Not only this, this post is like 2 years ago XD

Hi ,
Sound good. I am also in Kuwait  and it's always good to meet like minded people.
Keep in touch

I always enjoy when someone pops a response on a years-old thread without noticing.

Hahaha... :offtopic:   :lol:

What Kind of board games do you have ?

We  are couple looking to meet another  couple to share experience

You can call me **

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Hey Kuwait is a place where there is fun only if u have great friends...anyways welcome to kuwait buddies...I will be reaching kuwait only by mid march i believe.... see u then...

We are couple looking for friends also we love to have fun we used to drink ask me if you guys interest

I’m looking for open minded couple as well.

DanaQ8 :

You shouldn't be sharing your private number on this forum. You can private message them instead.

Absolutely right

hi there,
i am late i know but still you are available let me know

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