Chef jobs in malaysia

I am looking for chef job in malaysia. Having 6+ years of experience. Working with hayat, Rotana, Avasa, Golden tulip hotels.

Kindly help to suggest how to apply and search for chef jobs.
Currently i am working as Demi Chef de Parti

To be honest, you will probably have more success looking for work in the Middle East as there are hundreds of thousands of Malaysian chefs who would be considered for employment before a foreigner. Immigration here does not approve work permits when a Malaysian can do the job.

japanese n korean dish familiar … +de+partig for. You may check them up here. … f+de+parti

Good luck

Is it hard for expats to get a chef job in 5 star hotels or they preffer only locals for this industry?

Try sending your CV to them first. Who knows you might get lucky.

If no local qualified and experienced Malaysian applies for a job, then there is always a chance they might consider a foreigner (if they have a quota available to hire one) Singapore is an alternative option … pur?mi=200

I have call to HRs and ask them for vacancies they said yes but then ask are you local and game over.

Please suggest weather my approach is correct or not.

- I am trying to call directly to the HRs and they only want to hire locals.

Any specific condition or anything may be i have missed to talk with them or any suggestion from you guys or any contact number of consultancies for malaysia or singapore.

My contact is ***

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just apply online.

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