Major issues in your production? Manufacturing engineer to fix it!

Dear All!

I am a highly-driven German manufacturing engineer, who would like to work in Malaysia, since my girlfriend has job opportunities in KL.

I would like to get in touch with western companies, which ideally have a local manufacturing site, to find out more about job opportunities.

Can anyone help me with this, or do you know people who can do so?

Thanks a lot for considering my request!

P.S.: Additionally a small description of me to whom it may concern

Martin Becker,29, master’s degree in industrial engineering productin and logistics, incl. an exchange semester in Kuching

open-minded, curious, hard-working, independant and systematic

Through my 5 year working experience as consultant in the field of production and logistics in diverse industries I can help any company, which is familiar with those or similar problems:
Used-up space reserves, long lead times, manufacturing and logistic processes inadequately defined or lived, quality insufficient, production expansion planned, deficient productivity, high WIP, uncertain stocks, etc.

The best way to help companies with their issues would be as internal consultant, process engineer or project manager

Perhaps you should mention which manufacturing areas you are experienced in.

Check the Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce website. There are other Chambers too.

Thank you for your reply.

I am experienced in a lot of diverse industries, like automotive, rail, chemistry, textile and more.
That makes me confident to be able to cope with any industry, since I learned to adapt the approaches to various fields.

Recruitment site Robert Walters sometimes has vacancies applicable to foreigners. However no employment pass can be approved if there are Malaysians who can do the job. Its important to apply online for jobs (even if you are introduced to a vacancy by a company) as immigration always require a competitive selection process has been followed when foreigners are selected.

Ensure you structure your CV for Malaysian standards. A photo is required. Also your precise experience will be checked against the job specification. Keep it simple. All screeners are looking for is a close match with the content of a specific job.

This means generic CVs and applications online often are pretty useless, and applications need to be tailored to each vacancy requirements using keywords to highlight the match.

Having no local languages skills may present an obstacle and regardless of your experience may make you a less suitable candidate.

You may find the Singapore job market easier to enter than the Malaysian.

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