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Hi all,

My name is Kate. I am from the Philippines. I just want to ask anyone here about some employment pass  questions. I am currently in the Philippines now awaiting my calling visa. I received an email from my employer from Malaysia that my stage 1 with mdec has already been approved but they asked me to wait for next update because they still need to some sort of clearance from POEA? I asked if I should pick up my reference visa from the embassy but they haven't replied yet. Anyone can give me any advice what should I do from here?

1. POEA clearance = permission for a Filippino to work in Malaysia (this is obtained from PH government)

2. After POEA clearance, only then a calling visa can be processed

3. You will be advised how to collect the calling visa (VDR - Visa with Reference) ONLY when the process is complete.

I see, thanks. So I don't need to pick up this reference visa from the embassy yet until POEA is cleared?right?

Yes you need the clearance and then confirmation the VDR has been approved

I see, thanks. If I may ask as well, do you happen to have any idea how long it usually takes to get POEA  clearance?

Always think in terms of weeks not days.

I see. Thanks a lot for the information.

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