Looking for small town for expat with Marina. Closer to tourist area with liveaboard facility expat friendly town . Can anyone help?

Hi Greybeard.

I would suggest you to visit the Business directory : Real estate in Jalisco.
You can contact the company and inquire about the type of accomodation you're looking for.

Best of luck.

Anas, team :)

What side of Mexico ?Caribbean or Pacific ?

Actually around San Crisanto area ..  done a little more looking around ..  really liking that area better

So at the tip of the Yucatan. Did you look around Progresso ??? Some people have told Me Me it is a descent area.  Me I keep My boat in Guatemala, but sail Belize, Honduras and Mexico. I might do a return visit to Cubs next year.

Are these places that you can live aboard .
I'm sure we will doing plenty sailing . So no need in renting or buying a place ..
If so , would you have the rates they charge .

Yes they all have live aboard. Guatemala (RioDulce) being the most popular. There is about 450 to 500 boats there during hurricane season. Most marina charges any where from $150.00 a month (no service) to $275.00 (full service) There is 3 boat yards with lifts and an array of services like painting, canvas, carpentry, fiber glassing etc..... After that would be Roatan in Honduras, followed by Isla Mujeres Mexico. In Isla Mujeres the lagoon is cheaper then the bay. Belize is beautiful, but getting more expensive every year, and paper work needs to be done monthly, Compare to Guatemala boat paperwork can be done once every 2 years, and passport needs to be done every 6 months ( 2 X 90 days) You need to exit for 3 days every 6 months just like Mexico.

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