New to this web site and to my new life here Ajijic, Jalisco

Hi All, It's been one week and I'm never looking back, will not be missing 115 degree Arizona heat. Looking to travel around Mexico, l have a few places in mind l will ask about later on this forum. Also want to visit Panama and Costa Rica while I'm living here. Oh by the way the weather here in Ajijic is near perfect.  Talk to you soon.

I have been to Ajijic and my friend gets her dental work done there (flies down from Seattle!).   Ajijic is said to have just about the best year-round weather.  Nice warm days in the 70s and cools down in the evenings for a perfect night's sleep.   The art community thrives, and in town you will find the Chapala Society.   Lots of info, things to do and people to meet who share your interest.   Enjoy!    Arlene

Hi Arleen, Thanks for that bit of information, I almost don't know where to start here Ajijic . I guess start by enjoying this beautiful weather and getting my house in order. Your right the nights are nice and cool plus the rain helps even more. We are in the middle of the rain season, never had this back where I lived. Just can't say enough good about this climate. Anyways Good Luck what ever comes your way.  SAL

Hi Sal
As I said, try the Chapalla Society in town .   Every expat knows where it is!   You'll get lots of info there.   I'm an ocean gal so usually return to Puerto Vallarta and smaller towns north of there.   But I am hoping to visit the Yucatan and San Miguel this coming winter.

So happy to hear that you are enjoying it here. The weather is indeed magnificent year around. There are plenty of web boards, Facebook Pages and get togethers in addition to the LCS and you'll have more friends than you know what to do with in a short period of time.

It's starting to happen already I know more faces than names at the moment. but that's Ok names will come together with each face in time.

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