starting a hostel

Hi there!

Its now about 1 year and half i fell in love with Mexico.

Im a traveller and for the first time i feel like i wanna live in this place!

I would like to start a hostel around Puerto Vallarta.

the thing is i don't have any idea about how to start this as i do not have experience in opening such a business.

I was wondering if someone here knows a bit about that or went trough that experience and who could give me some help/advices on the way to start it.

Thanks a lot!


Well, before you start anything, if I may suggest you contact the closest mexican consulate or embassy near your home.

They're helpfull and at no cost.

The main concern is that you must be legal worker or business person in Mexico, pay all required taxes with the RFC.

Adios y buena suerte para su proyecto, GyC.

Hi again, reading your profile, may I ask what is your visa status in Mexico since you quote that you have been living more or less full time in Mexico since 2016.

For your information, I am providing to you a link in regards to people coming and going in Mexico on tourist visa and mexican income taxe status. … ease-read/ … de-simple/

Adios, GyC.

Hi and thanks for answering me.

I was actually more concerned about the procedure to start a company, business plan and everything related to the hosting business.

I am actually in Mexico with a 180 days permission. I rode somewhere that is possible somehow to be legal business partner in a mexican company as long as i don't exceed my time allowed in the country?

Here is my situation: i am actually living here Jalisco with my girlfriend (native Mexican resident) whom is willing the help me if i need any mexican business partner.

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