Pregnancy and birth related questions!!

Hi to all of you, nice to find this forum.
So, I am pregnant in the last month, my due date is May 11. I live in Damascus  now but I didn't understand how the medical system functions in here. Does any of you have some useful information? I would be really grateful. I already had a check but I have serious issues in understanding with my doctor, since I don't speak Arabic yet and she is bad in English.
I am really concerned how everything will go. Which is the best hospital in here? And which are some of the traditions in here regarding child birth and new born? Please help, I really need some information.
Any information, advice, suggestion … are more than welcomed.

Welcome on board Youssef ;)

Many congratulations for your pregnancy ;) I hope that other members will provide with some useful responses soon ;)


ok dear
simply just ask yor doctor about witch hospital he prefer to u...coz usualy doctors dealing to few hospitals.
and for more infs pls mentioned where are u from and where do u live in syria so i can give u some advices.