Do and don't in Syria

Are you living in Syria? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Syria?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Syria?


For information of those interested to go, work and stay in Syria:

"Dos & Don'ts in Syria"

Syria does not admit anyone whose passport indicates travel in Israel.
Do be careful at security checkpoints when traveling inside Syria. Move slowly and obey the authorities.
Don't expect stores, offices or markets to be open on Friday, the Muslim holy day (the work week is Saturday-Thursday). Keep in mind that most museums are closed on Tuesday.
Don't point at people, as doing so is considered rude. Also, don't cross your legs when sitting across from someone older than you—it's considered disrespectful. When you shake your head side to side to mean "no," it will be interpreted as meaning "I don't understand." If you want to say "no," shake your head upward, while making a "tut" sound.
When eating, don't pass anything (especially food) with your left hand.
Avoid illegal drugs, and don't drink alcohol if its use is prohibited. Even if drinking is legal, don't overindulge.
Be cautious of unsolicited offers of assistance from strangers
Avoid confrontations with locals
Several incidents of women being fondled in taxicabs have been reported recently. As a female passenger in taxis, do ride in the backseat, on the side farthest from the driver.
Don't photograph veiled women (unless permission is granted first), airports, military establishments or bridges.
Women may be verbally harassed and should travel in groups when visiting shopping areas or other commercial districts. Conservative Western dress is appropriate, as is Muslim dress.
If you are invited to a home, do take along a small gift (don't take liquor, or artwork that contains images of people). Don't inquire about a host's wife. If you meet her, shake hands only if she offers hers first. Keep the conversation informal—don't discuss business during social visits with a business host. Refrain from admiring a specific item in a host's home, or the host may feel obliged to give it to you, something neither of you really wants. Keep your compliments general.

Excellent and very thorough information. Thank you very much for these helpful points.


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Hi khan! You are completely off topic here and note that you are not on a dating site.

Thank you for your comprehension,

gosh i am syrian and i dnt know franzeslex36 from where got these informations?????????
i think he is talking about saudi arabia not syria other wise maybe he knows my country more than me.......strange...very strange.......

some are true some are wrong
wrong things are : women can go shopping alone with no problems, no need to gather in groups.
when travelling inside Syria , u will not find any security points if you are on normal roads. but of course like any other countries there are check points in military areas and airports that's stores open on Friday and even parts of the city open on Friday and close on Sunday... so enjoy shopping all the week.

Hi. I am living in Syria as well and is probably much safer than where the rest of you live.
franzeslex36 pointed very good the main aspects. I do find  stores and markets to be open on Friday (few of them).
Now....syrian food is great but avoid mixing the dishes, it can be a little bit too heavy for your stomach if you are not used to it. Also chose tap water, bottled water is safer.
The hardest adjustment for many Westerners is the Syrian concept of time.. For some reasons all of them are late. And when I say late.. it means at least half of an hour late! At least! I am still having an hard time in managing this issue.
Almost every syrian people asked me where I am from and they all smiled and said "welcome to Syria". They also offered their help in numerous ocasions. Some of them felt offended when I refused them. Most of their intentions are honest and kind.
Visit and walk as much as possible. I believe is the best way to feel the pulse of this country. Trust my words: it worth every little second of it!

Is it safe to tour Syria (girl) alone? I heard Arab people are kinda racist to those who dont speak Arab. I've encountered few times in the Internet (girls) laughing and making fun of my English (or what language I speak). Found it funny though lol they made fun of me coz Im the only one spoke English the fact that they cant speak English (international language).

@chadzubi where are you now? Did you end up going to Syria?