Syria 9 months!

Salaam everyone,

I will be coming to Syria in Sept 2011 to study Arabic at the University of Damascus - it is part of my University degree.

What I wanted to know is how much would it cost to live in syria for 9 months. I know there are other threads addressing the same question but they are very vague.

I want to know how much it costs to rent a 2 bedroom, clean, fully furnished, decent apartment per month in Damascus (not shared). How many other costs are included and how much it would total to?

In the other costs I mean, travel to and from the uni, food, bills etc not university cost as that is already sorted.

And what is it like living in Syria?

Your advice will be much appreciated!
Thank you :)

Welcome on board Faizah ;)

I hope that other members will bring their contributions to your various questions soon!

wish you good luck ;)

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welcome dear but you didnt say from where are you comming?
then any who cost of renting hous depand of the area you gonaa stay in.... so wat uneversecity you gonaa go?
and all other expnsess is ok
i will be happy help you with thise matter just send me more infs.

lets say I lived as normal student spend 15000 to 20000 without home cus we have a family department over there

Ahlan wasahlan as you didn't speak french, itell you in arabic if you want,you need 250£ or 300euros,Damascus isa nice citybut surpoplated..I live inFrance but as syrian I know do not hesitate even to my personal mail

you are welcome.
and we will be glad to help you.

Dear Ms Faizah,

I have studied in Britain previously and also spent a short stint studying Arabic in Syria. The best place to learn Arabic is not University of Damascus but an institute specially for foreigners, Arabic Learning Institute for Foreigners, located in Mazzeh district. There are six levels and each levels would cost around US$500. The course is top class. For a place to stay, apartments in Rukn Eddin, Mazzeh - Jabal and Barzeh are cheap options. You will be able to find an apartment below 150 pounds for a month. The cost of living is very cheap in Syria compared to UK. I myself intend to travel to Syria again in December to continue my studies in the above mentioned institute. If there is anything you want to ask, feel free to do. I'll help as much as i can.

ya salam ya fayza lma tkony awza hehehe

gorgeos as this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?