Visa Questions

Hi everyone!

I am a graduate student that will be moving to Damascus in late January or early February of 2012 to learn Arabic.  I am from the US, and I have read all of the requirements for visa entry and exit to Syria, but I was wanting to know if anyone had any further insight?  I have been told to apply for visa entry as a tourist and to apply for tourist stay once I am in the country.  I plan on staying for about seven months. 

Also, does anyone have anything to say about IRAMES language institute?  It is the language school I will be studying Arabic at.

Thank you,


Hello and welcome on Brannan :)

I hope other members will be able to tell you more about this institution soon ;)


well, it is 1st time i m hearing about this IRAMES language institute coz as i know most foreigner learn Arabic language at Damascus university or foreigner institute in mazza place just give me more details about that institute .