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Can anyone help I am trying to get a work visa in Syria but I cannot get one from the UK, can I get a visa from turkey or any neighbouring countries??

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Hello cameraman34.

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Can you please introduce yourself and be more explicit?

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Dear cameraman34,
I'm Syrian and I went out form there 1 month ago, the situation there is too trouble.
also no embassies are the for the meantime.
I would to ask you to forget about this idea till the war is over.

Dear cameraman34,

Hi I am from Syria the situation is very bad here and no one need to come in this situation all people left from here to outside


Hi there,

Right now, it is HIGHLY unlikely you will get any visa for Syria. I have been waiting in Beirut for three months and more for a visa. They are simply not giving them out unless you are a journalist or a humanitarian worker.

Take a look at my blog article on Getting a Visa For Syria.

Gari Sullivan


I am looking for a Syrian person specially from Lattakia, Can you please let me know, if you can come accross with a good honest qualified person from Lattakia, Syria. I would like to know some information from Lattakia, as we are not getting visa to travel to Syria, because of the war situation there. Thanks.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
email: [email protected]
10 Jan 2014