Obtaining a syrian visa for a filipina


I am new to expat.com. you can call me Maider and i am a Filipina. You might be wondering why i wanted to know how to obtain a syrian visa and visit syria despite the situation there these days.

Let me tell you my story. I meet a guy online almost 2 years back and this guy became my bestfriend and my soulmate. I constantly talk to him even if he is at work.. i have meet his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins (well of course online) i constantly talk to his family too. And his mother is the sweetest. I can say that syrians are warm hearted people and i love them. The greatest obstacle for us is getting me in for a visit. Cambodia does not have a syrian consulate office and i cant seem to find a trustworthy information how i can obtain a syrian visa so i can finally meet them in reality.

Sometimes fate plays with us big time. Finding the right love at the wrong time. 😂 he would often tells me that what we have is " a love in war". I hope that someone can help me here buy a borrowed time.

If anyone can give me an information how a filipina can obtain a syrian tourist visa, i will appreciate it much.

Thank you very much and i hope to hear a good news soon.

Dear simply you can get visa from Syrian embassy in Manila.
By the way where is he from? Do you have plan to get married? Inght poh


He is from homs. And yes we intend to get married. The problem is i am currently out of the country. I am living in cambodia. I read that obtaining a syrian visa for a filipina is not allowed. And needs to present some documentations pa. I have tried to look for the requirements online so i ca prepare those because i show up in a syrian embassy but i cant seem to find one. 😳

hi good day!

kabayan any update po s syrian visa nyu?

I just saw and read your post, much interested because my bf his planning to send me in syria to meet his parents at iarrange ang marriage certificate namin para maging legal kme dto sa uae na magsama. Worried lang ako kung safe kaya makapasok ng Damascus kahit may gera pa sa Syria. Natatakot ako kung mkakabalik p ba ako ng uae na buhay o hindi na, worried din ang parents ko. Eh kaso disidido sya na ipadala ako ng Syria.

Sana ma ishare mo sa akin kung nkakuha ka ba ng Syrian visa, kung okay lang po mkuha whatsapp no. mo? pra mkapag usap po tau. thank you, God bless.

Hi itscandyme,

Can you please write in English so that everyone can understand and help you?

Thank you,


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Don't worry dear Damascus is totally safe.

Is it possible for a filipina (passport is Philippines) living as permanent resident in other country to travel to Syria just to get married with a Syrian man??

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