Living in Syria

You are living in Syria, or you used to live in Syria.

Share your experience!

How would you describe life in Syria?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find an accommodation and a job?

Is it complicated to make friends in Syria?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Syria?

Thanks in advance for your participation

Dear Friends: can anyone tell me if Damascus Univeristy offers a Masters degree in Psychology? Please let me know and thank you.


Hi Everyone, I will be going to Syria early next year, can someone help me know do's and don'ts in Syria please? and how's life in Syria.

Thank you.

Syria is a beautiful country rich in religious and historical spots. There are various religious places that are important for both Islam and Christians.

The country has just opened its economy away from isolation.

The people are beautiful and friendly, and most of all tolerant to religion. The government is secular but has a strong military orientation and influence.

For Airshayed: I believe Damascus University offers Masters degree of your interest. Just make sure that you speak arabic coz its the medium of instruction.

Entry to Damascus University is very competitive, in fact some locale encountered difficulty in entering to the said university, so most of them study in KSA or Iran

Thank you very much for the info on Syrian universities. Do you know what's the best way, or how, to contact Damascus University? Thanks again.


Hi Everyone!

I am applying for the summer 2010 Arabic program at University of Damascus but the application is from 2005. Does anyone know if I should still apply? Thanks.

Hi, the Arabic Language Centre website at the University of Damascus has been recently updated and information about courses is available. I am heading to Damascus in April to engage in the regular (standard) arabic courses for several months.

Hi guys

I spent in Damascus the best time in my life. I studied arabic at the university of Damascus twice and I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of people in the classes.

I improved my arabic very fast because I used to go out with native arabic speakers and also I used to speak arabic at home with the family which I stayed with.I think that it is not difficult to make friends there.

The food isnt expesive I never cooked! Transport is also cheap small buses and big.

I didnt find difficult to find accommodation because the spanish embassy provided me the contact details of a family who have room for students. IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR A ROOM in Damascus this family have 3 rooms with separate toilet,patio,kitchen for the students. They are a lovely family! Contact me for more info or if have any question about damascus !

I hope you all the best in your trip!

Hello everyone. I am planning on attending the Arabic Language program for non-Arabic speaking expats like many of you. This is to whomever used a tutor once in Syria: can you please tell me how to find a tutor once I am in Damascus, to help me after school hours in learning Arabic, and how much do they charge? Thank you.

Hi I used to live in Syria now I'm going back.
This time I'm homeschooling overseas.  Should be fun.
Does anyone know a good school that doesn't cost a lot

I want female friends who live in damascus/syria or are thinking about moving there.

just visit or or

Hi All

I have been in Syria now for 6 years, the Syrian are wonderfull peopole and they do welcome all visitors to syria
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i think the study is in arabic that right?

Hi there
it depends on what you would like to study!!

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yes right only in arabic

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