Marriage with syrian people

0-Take 24 photo
1--First you need from Damascus kayd medeni paper from dahiliye/hariciye minister
2--Translate it to Turkish in Turkey sweared translation office  (30 TL)
3--Aprrove this paper in Turkish Notery (60 TL)
4--Pay money to Bank Syrian consulate account (25 TL )(Take account and bank information from Syrian Istanbul consulate-Tesvikiye (very near Tesvikiye mesgeed )
5--Give translation paper with notery aprroved to Consulate early and back it afternoon 15,00 clock   with signed and stamps
6--Go direct Istanbul Foreign law office i,n Cagaloglu (near building of City Goverment building)
Here open only till 16,00)
7-- take all signature and registriation here in half on hour
8-- You finished most important things
9-- Take trasnlate of your passport and live permition if you have stay perimition turkey
10--Go with 4 pics AÇS/AP center (Mother and Childieren healty and family planning center )
11-- Fill forms for mediterennen anamei and soem genetic healt problems
12-- Give primer blood for blood according with your partner (if mother blood negative it has risc)     
13--they will give paper for HIV and Elisa test in central hospital (For all foregin they want )
14-- Gregisteration soem probşlem but they takle from your blood seconf time and you will take results afternoon late maybe second day
15-- Bring results to AÇS/AP center back and take paper about you are free to marry healt side
16--You are or your partner who has live permi,ttion which local mangment (Belediye ) go there for appliacation
17-- Your citizen card copy.. photos again..passport copies . ikamet coıpies.. take day
18-- impossible same day minimum second day normaly one week later minimum
19--İf your partner know turkish no problem but not find a trallator to turkish fro question of stuff ans two widows
20-- after say yes i acppet you are married now and stuff will give to you marriage book.
21-- You can go to secourity where will you li,ve to take one year stay permittion
and who are turk should go citizen office to change citizen card to married with old citizen card and two photo again

any Syrian left?

i gave up ! better stay alone ...