Pregnancy in Damascus


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in Damascus?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in Damascus?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice !


Hi, I just noticed your post, otherwise I would replay earlier.
I gave birth in Syria,  in a private hospital: Al Ghazali Hospital (hope I wrote it well). But it was a real adventure until I found a  good gynecologist who also spoke English. Only in the last month of my pregnancy I actually found this woman (by the way I was so desperate that I accepted one who didn't speak English) but she was extremely professional . And she also came in the middle of the night just to check me. She was so supportive and caring and the service her hospital provided it was 5 stars.  We didn't have time to discuss any birth related wishes or a giving birth plan but they did offered all I requested during my 10 hours labor: I was alone in the room, my husband was able to assist, the baby stayed all the time with us etc. The nurses were also very friendly. Ultimately I arrived to a surgery but I had no troubles at all and in 24 hours I  was back home.  For me that counted the most since I hate hospitals. All in all it was ok, the hygiene conditions were also fine but you need to bring from home personal products and also for the baby everything you need: from clothes to pampers and so on.
This is all I can say from my personal experience. Oh and yes, the price was a little bit high but I heard about others with the same service and cheaper...
Here is a list with hospitals, it might help more than I did.

Oh, finding a good pediatrician is also an adventure :D But it's getting easier once you know a little bit of Arabic (more than me).

Thanks for your help Youssef!;)