Dentist cost


I need to see a dentist and am wondering how expensive is Damascus compare to india where I lived before.

I don't have insurance so can't afford big bill

thank you

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I can't say for sure, because I haven't been to the dentist in Syria, but I have been in Jordan and it was very inexpensive. I paid around $60 for cleaning, etc... which is a fraction of the cost compared to home (Canada). Again, I don't know the cost in India either... Good luck!

dentist is very chesp in syria so many gulfs country pepole coming here to fix thier teeth i have dentist friend tell me wht you gonaa do so i will tell you how much gonaa cost you

Ive been to a dentist in Damascus several times and its very cheap compared to the prices in Sweden!
last time i fixed four theeths(one deep root) and cleaning and i payed about 6000lire.


you see as i told you and 6000 lira for fixing 4teeth is too expnsive but any who if you are satsfied thats goos ..... take care