Spanish teacher moving to Damascus

Hi, everyone and good morning from Barcelona!

I just wanted to introduce myself as I'd be moving to Damascus next September to teach spanish at the University.
I'm originally from the Canary Islands, but I've been living in Barcelona for the past five years.

Well, as you can imagine I've got thousands of questions about the country, the people, the cost and way of living, the culture, etc, and above all, about the current situation in the capital (I've been following the news).

But there'll be time for everything!

For the moment I just wanted to say hello to all member in this blog. However, let's start off my personal survey with a simple question although crucial for me: Will I be able to move around by bike?

Well, a big hug from Barcelona to everybody!


dear tahrod wellcom to damascus well i m from damascus and i understand your fear but i wanaa tell u honestly damascus is safe and what you are seeing on news not all real they just make it big you know media...... i m also surprise coz sometimes i hear news on tv but on fact there is nothing.... and to know about syria you can see my topice what is syria?     there is usfull information there regards

Thanks a lot for the welcome and the information, Gorgeos!

wish to be friends dear and u can add me on yahoo messnger

Hi again, Gorgeos!

I don't use yahoo messenger -or any other- a lot. To be honest, I never use it. But I'll keep writing in this site.

How is everything going there? I have not followed the news lately (too much work).

Hope you're doing fine!

Dear Tahrod,

The situation in Syria is very bad and only getting worse.

DO NOT GO. No vayas.

My cousin got arrested twice for walking down the street minding his own business and he's a student.

Hi, Pryor!

I don't know if you speak spanish or not (in your reply says you are writing from Malaga), so I'll write in english.

Thanks a lot for the warning. There's not much I can do for now, only see if the situation gets better soon (I would be travelling in the end of August).

Almost everybody I trust has warned me about the bad situation in the capital. I also know is difficult to get a true idea of what's exactly going on.

To be honest, I'm still willing to take the chance of going to Damascus to teach (which is the work I love and enjoy the most), learn and discover its culture. But time will say if my wish comes true or not.

Whatever happens, all my love, hope and support for the syrian people. 

Un saludo, amigo

I do speak Spanish fluently but since all the messages here are in English...

It should be enough of a clue for you that no foreign journalists are allowed in Syria, not even from neighbouring Arabic countries.

Its not about the situation getting better I think, its not as if people are going to shake hands and clear up the misunderstanding, its 40 years of fascist government we're talking about.

Don't want to get preachy but I honestly can't understand how someone would contemplate going to work there, especially when there are other options in other Arab countries.

My support to all the Syrian people as well, they deserve much better.

Hi again, Pryor

Well, it is not that I'm desperately willing to move to Syria with the present situation. You're right, there are a lot of other arab countries I could go to. But the position I have been offered is part of an international program in which candidates choose their destinations nearly six months before getting an answer. So when I applied -in January- the situation was a lot different (at least that's what the media wanted us to think).

So from then on it hasn't been my choice. I have been told my selection about a month ago, and changing destiation is not an option now: you take it or you leave it. And I have taken it. The last word is obviously mine: I'll have to decide if I finally go or not. But not yet.

If my choice was to be taken today I would obviously say no, but this is not the case.

Thanks for your replies, pryor, I would appreciate any other information.

Un saludo

PD: If you feel like writing directly to my email address let me know.

Hi All,

In this case we have to take the right information from the main people how is live in the same area, but the there is another way you can take also from many expat people how is live there too so you will be more Precision to have the right info about situations, Wish you all the Best

Best Regards

so dear prayor you said you are in malga so how you know about what hapinning here ,,,, i m syrian living in damascus untill now i didnt see any thing upnormal yes some are demostrating 10 t0 50 person every friday but damasus still safe more than any other europian city.....?
again and again and again dnt belive what you are watching on media 90 % of it is not true....

Dont go it is very dengers there!

I'm another new hire scheduled to move to Damascus in August to teach.  Similar to Tahrod's situation, I was hired in February when things looked quite different.  But the people at the school are confident and calm, and I figure that as long as the school is open, somebody had better be there to teach in it.  I too would like to hear from others who are actually in Damascus.

gosh again and again i m in damascus and i never see any thing as pepole saying we just live as normal and damascus still safe more than so many cities regards

Hi gorgeos,

thanks for the news i hope always safe,wish you all the best...