Moving to syria, help required


i m 21 years old female from Pakistan. i have been to syria 8 times. n jus in love with it.

i just completed my business hons degree. and now starting masters in business. i m seriously interested in moving to syria but i jus cant find a job. i have been searching whole internet from last two weeks ( since d day i got back to my own country) but jus cant find even a single good job! I can teach Business studies. Can work at any Multi national company, i design clothes as well, i can work on any administrative or Hr post. basically for a start in damascus i m ready to do anything as far as that job pays the rent and i save something just to show off my parents! as ma parents r forcing me o move to US but the love for syria is in the blood i guess! can anyone please help! jus let me know what should i do! or what do u think is it a good idea to move? as i come from a rich family and i will have to persuade my parents for this move. it will be a huge step! do u think its worth it! i m already earning 5000 usd per month in ma part time home based business! but My heart is in Damascus!

thank u:-)

Welcome on Alizay :)

Salaam ya Alizay,

I am not sure if you can find a job with a salary of 5000 USD. the average salary here is around 400 USD. However, this amount would be enough for housing+food without any savings as i guess.

we have some magazines for advertizing jobs and other stuff like AlDalil and Alwasila. it would be helpful to take a look in these magazine. i suppose that you know some arabic.

Good Luck