aldi lidl brittany comparison to uk ireland prices and variety ?

first of all hi  and this is my first post on here.
supermarket shopping in brittany     my partner is a vegertian        and its at times arkward to get stuff here   
anyone simalar there in brittany ?
and  prices of say  gin vodka    per litre or 700 ml bottles     typical prices?

I’m in Charente but I’d expect Brittany prices in Aldi and Lidl to be similar across France. We lived in Ireland for 11 years (and have been here for six) and there is more variety there than here in both shops but particularly in Aldi. I was in an Aldi in Galway last year and couldn’t believe how varied and nice the products were.
Having said that, we find France cheaper than Ireland for groceries. If you want top shelf 70 cl spirits, you can get a decent bottle of whiskey in any supermarket for 12-14 euros. Vodka, gin, etc are often cheaper. In Lidl we just bought whiskey for 10 and gin for 8 - not well-known brands, of course.
Good luck with your move.

cheers      . appreiated      is the winters as damp cold  as ireland there ?

Hi George,
Winters in Brittany are pretty damp, yes, but usually a little warmer than in the west of Ireland where we lived. I spent a lot of time in Dublin and I think winters in Brittany are just a bit warmer than there, too. It’s a lot less rainy where we are in Charente.
I’ll send you a separate message. Hopefully someone on the forum who lives in Brittany will chime in. If not, you could try the Expats in Brittany page on Facebook.

cheers again

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