Changing from oil to electric heating

We wondered if someone would advise please.
Please read the details?
Our house is 180 years old stone built, the dimensions are 11m x 5.5m, the chimney is in the center. There are 2 bedrooms above which are heated from below rooms.
We used to have a 11kw wood burner which heated everything, but our health is not good, and wood is labour intensive so we changed to oil heating with 2 poele a mazouts Deville, one is 8kw the other 11kw.
We use about €800 worth of oil per winter.
There is pressure to stop polluting although the  deville fires use blue flame technology.
We have no spare money due to brexit and it might get worse.
We are considering purchasing 2 electric fires with pretend logs and fans etc, but the thought of high electric bills make us shudder.
Macron says french electric is the cheapest and to be encouraged,  also electric heating is 100% efficient? 
What do you think?  (Advise) please?

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