Marriage in Morocco - Criminal Record

I would like to Marry a Moroccan girl and I am from the UK, my understanding is that as part of the process I will need a police certificate to show that I do not have a criminal record. Does anyone know if any record at all will prevent the approval of the marriage or if it is minor and a long time ago can it still be accepted? I have a record for a public order offence from 16 years ago, my understanding is that this will not even show on the police certificate however the comment stated on the certificate will indicate that an old record is held. As it will show "No live trace" rather than "No trace" if no record was held.


Hello there.
There should be no problem as a friend of mine a British Citizen had a criminal record also but that was 9 years ago.( I cant tell what was it for thb  ) It didn't show up on her certificate. And nobody even noticed the "no live trace". It basically just to show you don't have currently any cases held against you etc.  I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about.

Hello. I have something on my criminal repord. Can you help me please. I need to be sure before go to Morocco. Can I marry or not? I read your comment but ı want to talk about this again. If you help mw ı will be pleasure.

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