Moving to Zanzibar from South Africa

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My family and I would like to move to Zanzibar in December 2018 and would like to take our dogs with. We are currently looking for any business or job opportunities.  My husband is a mechanical engineer and I'm an accountant. We are willing to learn and do any job that is available.  Or we would like to invest in a business opportunity.  If anyone has any position available or information we would appreciate hearing from you

Thank you!

Hi Mariska

I have been keeping an eye on this site and am pretty well in the same situation as you guys.  I moved to the UK from SA a couple of years ago but will be relocating to Zanzibar in 2020 (Africa is in my blood and I don't much like northern hemisphere style of life, including the gloomy weather!).  Like you I have nothing in place there yet.  I will be taking a long trip by Landrover, driving through Europe to Spain and then down round the bulge of Africa, south and then up through Zimbabwe to Zanzibar.  A long trip but I will take my time.  I will only start looking at setting up in Zanzibar from next year on, and I will be interested to follow your progress in making arrangements for your move there and what you find and do when you are there.  All the best!

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Hi ,

That sounds amazing to do and all the best with your trip. 

So far we do not have much information on immegrating.  Everyone has a different opinion.  So far we have realised that it is who you know and how much money you have to get things done. We have decided to open our own business in Zanzibar and we have started the process of registering the business . We have contacted laywers in Zanzibar to get this started but we have noticed that you have to be there and this is also a very costly approach  . We will keep you informed on the progress. 

Once again good luck on your journey .



Hope this finds you all well. We are looking at making the same move end 2018. I am a Civil Engineer and Project Manager of profession. I cant decide should I look into opening a business or seek employment on this stage so i came across your post and was wondering whats your success to date regarding your venture.



The best sector is toursim, you can try the remaxomela site to look for any property being sold or leased. I suggest you buy a property, transform into a hotel or a resort and run the business. It is the most paying one, if you are good in marketing and customer service.


I am moving from Cape Town to Zanzibar in a weeks time. I have found that you don't get much results if you not in the country.  So i will be on the ground looking for work in Logistics and hopefully, it will all work out. Nothing ventured nothing gained....


I think I've read somewhere that you are planning on maybe starting a business. (Please forgive me if I am wrong). However, if I am correct, will you please let me know your contact person on that side? I am planning on moving during April 2019, but would like to register my business before then. If you would be able to assist, I will really appreciate it.


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