Working in Zanzibar

Hello All.  I am a career florist who also has a background in various hotel operations and retail. I would like to relocate to Zanzibar. I would be up for a temporary seasonal job or something more permanent . I spent 2 months on the island recently and am already familiar with how to go about living a frugal life in Zanzibar.. I would be happy to find work that pays 1,000usd/month.. Although I would prefer something more lucrative. I made many inquiries about work while I was there but no luck. I did not come across much floral design opportunities on the island ... Am I wrong about this? I would also be happy to work as a teacher .. I am open to many things.. Does anyone have any ideas what kind of work is available for an expat there and how to find it.? Any information is appreciated . Thanks!!

Hello Carlotta Donne and welcome on board

For all job queries,  please refer to our Jobs offers in Zanzibar section with your cv :top:

Wish you luck in your job hunt

Kenjee Team

Thank YOU!! I did not even know there was a job listing section so this is helpful.