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Hello to one and all. My name is Owen and i am looking to relocate my family from australia to villach Austria in 2020. I would like to get some insight into expat life in the area. I have 4 children which i would enrole in the International school in Villach, whith the goal of allowing them to become german speakers prior to secondary school. My wife and children are dual australian/croatian citzens so as i understand it visa,s are not an issue. I have an income of around 65000 euro a year( after tax). My main issue finding accomadition for my family while we look for a permanent home or block to build one.
We are coming to villach in September of this year to have a good look around and would love some input from expats who are currently living there.
Kind regard

Welcome to the Forum Owen 😊

International Schools can be rather expensive €5000 - €10,000 and as you have 4 children you will have to pay out quite a bit. The local state schools are fine. Children are ever adaptable and you will be amazed how quickly they pick up the new language.

I don't live in the area, so I hope someone can comment on the area that does live there.  You could search for a Airbnb?

Hope this helps.

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