Hello all,
I was reading this article about stone tools found on Sulawesi and found out that the island is beautiful.  I wanted to ask if anyone has been there and your experience.

Best, Josip

I spent time in and around Makassar and it was pretty good. The islands of the city were amazing but if you want to do better then head to Bau Bay with is east or up to Bunaknlan off the north coast via Manado.

Travelling across the island wasn't encouraged when i went instead it was better to fly. There is a lot to see through out into including Tora Rajah and the volcano near Gorantalo.

I should go back now I remembered all that...

I have been to Makassar but didn't really like it that much, the people seemed to smell my money. I think it would be better to head up north or to other parts such as Toraja where you will see more interesting culture such as when they place the bodies of the deceased high up on cliffs. Great if you catch a burial there.

If you are looking for amazing scenery and amazing diving then think about heading to Bunaken, it is truly stunning and one of the best places in the world for diving.

At Tana Toraja you could meet the real money-sharks and on Bunaken you will find the best garbage in the water. But if you like extreme bass-sound till the morning, North Sulawesi is the best place.