Any Photography group in Semarang

Hi Friends

I am a beginner in Photography  :) .. is there any photography group in Semarang ? I want to join .. thanks

Hi there,

You should also consider to join JPC (Jakarta Photo club) because they have members all over Indonesia and elsewhere including many in Semarang. I will be flying to Semarang from Malaysia via Jakarta at the end of this month to join some photographers for 3 days Bromo photography trip including sunrise, human interest and landscape.

Hi Mike
Thanks. I am just a beginner  not even  fully  aware with the terminology being  used in the world of Photography. Will the group allow me to join ?  I have  Canon  600D with two kit lenses EFS 18-55 mm and EFS 55- 250. We have to go to Singapore by month end for visa.  Do you have confirmed dates for Bromo photography trip ? this will help me to plan our Singapore trip accordingly.. Thanks again for your suggestion. I will Google JPC and try to join if they allow me .. :)

Hi Nagina,

Nice name by the way.

The Bromo trip is fully booked. I got lucky as one of my friends told me there was a cancellation. It will be my second photohunting trip to Bromo if they don't close down the place due to volcanic activity. If you had booked a couple months ago the cost would have been Rp2.1 million covering three nights stay, jeeps, meals, and transport to Bromo and back to Semarang.

You should join JPC, you will learn a lot and there are always members of JPC themselves arranging photohunting trips and I am sure there are plenty of photo clubs in Semarang. Just go onto JPC and open a forum asking about it, sure that some Semarang locals will give you the details.

Canon 600D is fine even with the two kit lenses.

Hi Mike

Thanks. I have joined JPC ... but little help. I am not very fluent in Indonesian language  :mad: waiting if any body turns up with some info on any photography group / club in Semarang.

You can open a thread on the home page asking about photographers in Semarang, just do it in English.

Hi Mike  ... thanks again. I did but disappointed ... no one turned up to help me  :sosad:

You could also try which is also a nice photographic club.

In JPC maybe you can send a message to "haothing" who is a photographer who lives in Semarang.