Private Island Resorts

Hello All in Indonesia,

Being in the country, and close to the culture, i was wondering if anyone can advise me on how to go about planning a private island resort honeymoon in Indonesia, whether anyone ahs ever done it before, whether anyone can recommend some hotel/ island/ tour operator/ web site to go through.

coz ive done the search on Google, and most of them arent responding to email :S

any help would be greatly appreciated :D

I think most of the islands would be around Bali.. i cant remember exactly what came up in the search but, again, any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Legacy,, Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia for holiday. It draws people from all over the world. What kind of Private island resort are you looking for? [Moderated]

thank you Chrispanjaitan, im looking for one where the resort would be on the beach, not close to it, you know what I mean? like an island with a few well spaced villas that would guarantee privacy for newlyweds etc.

0h okay.. so basically you're looking for a private villa that sits  on the beach?

yes, exactly. ive looked at several websites, even joined a newsletter for private islands, so far no dice :(

maybe you can visit Belitong Island. It is located in Sumatra Island.

perfect suggestion agnes :D

their website here doesnt have a contact email tho :(

many thanx for ur suggestion ^^

yaah maybe the simple way to do is just book your flight schedule to there then aske for resort hotel nearby, after you arrive (i think sheraton hotel will be perfect) :)
sometimes unplanning journey is the most exciting thing :)

hehe, if only it were just a journey :P

its a honeymoon :D

gilis island too, hmm also bintan? when will be? will try to get some information for your honeymoon

thank you Ochie!! :D

Pulau Pangkil is a also best resort.Wonderful beaches around this. I am celebrate my first wedding anniversary their. After two days I had went to Mexico. In Mexico rocky point is best place for vacation.

I'm afraid being from Egypt flying to Mexico, halfway across the world, would be extremely expensive :S

There are some resorts at Sengigi beach in Lombok.

I loved Gili Trawanan Island too, very near from Lombok. Fly to Mataram, go to Bangsal Port and take a boat to Gili... ^^

many thanks BeLare! will definitely check em out :D

agnes ide wrote:

maybe you can visit Belitong Island. It is located in Sumatra Island.

Hi I want to go to Belitung can you tell me more about the place where to stay what you can visit please.