Looking for a female tourist guide


Am travelling to Jakarta for 3 days during 3rd week of Jan. Am looking for female tourist guide who can take me around Jakarta. Interested pls inbox me, would like to finalize on the same by early next week. Thank you.

Your profile says you're a man, so why do you want a female guide?


Looks like u were looking for gf in jakarta :D
If someone just need to explore the new destination....whatever the guide sex (m/f) it would be accepted...dont must a female guide right?...
But hope ur trip will be excited...happy holiday ...dont forget to visit monas,ancol,muara karang area (the best place to go...if u like seafood), south bandung (if u have much time).....

There is nothing wrong with preferring a female guide. Having a female guide avoids others jumping to conclusions about ones sexual preferences. I am sure many men would feel the same way about having a female guide. There is no need to make anything of this. Don't you guys have better things to do than speculate on things like this? Talk about making members feel unwelcome...

It should be noted, the OP's profile says he's a single man from Singapore, but he also claims to be from India.
Whilst that is far from an offence, and likely a simple error when setting up the profile page, it also leaves questions for any lady who might consider his request.
As with all meetings, I strongly suggest caution, making sure the meet is in a very public place and staying in public places all the time.

I agree with fred on strong caution when meeting someone through online sites, On the other hand being an Indian and living in Singapore is very common, Around 10% of Singapore population is Indian, Many Singaporean citizens of Indian race call them self Indians.

Hello everyone,

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Maybe the OP > vassethi can enlighten us?  :/

Thank you.

"There is nothing wrong with preferring a female guide. Having a female guide avoids others jumping to conclusions about ones sexual preferences."

In Bali, and many areas of eastern Indonesia I would be very inclined to agree with you.  However, in other areas of Indonesia...areas which are largely Islamic, there are certain problems of perception that would go along with female guides for male tourists. 

This is a cultural issue...and OK...to some degree, a religious issue as well.  And, since you say that having a female guide (as a male tourist) "avoids others jumping to conclusions about ones sexual preferences" I will take for granted that you understand what I am saying.   ;)

It's very possible a man with a female guide would get questions in some areas, but that's less likely in most places.
Aceh might well be a different story.

I once crashed at the first hotel we could find after a very long hard journey, only to get woken up at midnight by the pol pp lot looking for prostitutes in men's rooms. They saw Michelle as I opened the door and they backed off sharpish. I went for a peek when their truck pulled away, seeing several room doors open but no occupants save a messy bed.
Another was a copper who upon seeing a female tourist with a local guy ask me if I thought they were married. I asked him if he really wanted an answer; he didn't as he would have been forced to arrest them, but another copper might well have done so.
Of course that was sharing a room.

However, my initial concern with this thread was a new poster with claims of two nationalities asking for contact with ladies, and that raised potential safety issues.

Just a case of safety first, nothing else.