Portuguese Immersion Course

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to come to Portugal for a month for an immersion course (one month or so). My dates are flexible, as is my location and I wanted to see if anyone could recommend a particular school or university program. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


I was in an immersion course in Porto and another in Lisbon which were fine.(Courses seem to be either in the Algarve, Lisbon or Porto). However I came across a different site where the students are incredibly head-over-heels enthusiastic about the school.
It is : www.learnportugueseinlisbon.com. The school name though is "portuguese connection". I have booked myself in there for a week, and I'm looking forward to it.
   Something else you might try to learn Portuguese is an app called "Brainscape". It is a free app where you make your own flashcards. If you spend €3 a month you get extra features eg you can look at other people's flash cards. I use the cards under the title: "Portuguese Simple Past Tense". it is European Portuguese (Not Brazilian). It's badly named. It actually has many verb tenses eg present tense, future, PPS past tense, imperfect past tense, subjunctive present, past and future etc. There are about 40 decks each with about 100 cards per deck and two sentences per card. It would get you to an intermediate standard. If you did a bit of study with these cards I think you would improve greatly in an immersion course.
  I tried using a few ready made teach yourself apps eg Babble and others, but I found them to be too simple. I wasn't really progressing.
  Another thing you might try is skype lessons from: www.italki.com.

"it is European Portuguese (Not Brazilian). It's badly named"
What do you mean? Do you think that Portuguese from Brazil is so much far from Portuguese from Portugal? Your language skills must be very adanced to be able to make such a difference! Happens that I have both experiences: lived long enough in Brazil and now living in Portugal;
Let me tell you: if you were fluent in brazilian portuguese, the problems you would have here in Portugal would not be grammar and/or vocabulary; just the accent. And so what? If you are good, which you seem to be, you get the "sotaque" quickly.
Bottom line: if you cannot find a good portuguese course and have the chance to get a brazilain one, obviously get it.

Hello to both you, and thank you for your advice!

I asked about an immersion course because I'd like to actually be in Portugal for some time and ideally to be doing something as well, ie. learning and not just eating everything in sight :). The few volunteering opportunities I've made inquiries about have not responded.

I've been trying to get information about applying for the 4 month visa and the Portuguese Embassy here in Romania has told me that they have "suspended all consular services until further notice", and they could not direct me to another Embassy or Consulate who could help me. I'm surprised. I will post this to the forum to see if anyone has some suggestions.


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Hi, in case that you are looking for a Portuguese course in Lisbon, I found this website very useful. I took my first course at one school and changes in the second to another. Their website is SkillsGorilla.com

Have you done the course yet? If you haven't, where and when would you like it to be?