Education-laws in Portugal

My family and I are thinking of moving to Portugal.
My kids are 14 and 15 years old.

What are the laws about education in Portugal?
Untill which age do they have to attend school?
Can we teach them ourselves?

if you kids already 14, I think maybe difficult for them to public school because the languages. Here you can not teach by yourself.

What are the laws about education in Portugal?
Untill which age do they have to attend school?
Can we teach them ourselves?


School is compulsory until age 18. Regularly speaking, until the end of secondary grade level (12th year).

The former answer is wrong.  Homeschooling is perfectly legal in Portugal. Its figures are actually growing in recent years.

Obviously i don't know if foreign families can apply to it all of the sudden -  quite probably residency laws have superior status.

In general terms, the law is straightforward: it's like a cooperation protocol - you apply a proccess that is going to be evaluated by some social and executive organs, and if it's fine, there's no problem at all. 

In order to achieve that, i's mandatory that your kids  are registered in your neighborhood public school, according to their specific grade level, which follows the regular system. Parents need also to prove their school level education. That's because "the sponsor of education" of any student can only teach if they have a certified superior level - e.g. - The sponsor can only teach basic grade levels if him/herself has a certified secondary level education, or can only teach secondary levels if him/herself has certified college education. Kids need to be evaluated  semiannually at their registered public school, and exams at the end of each grading system are also mandatory.

Thank you for the information. I am also considering of moving to Portugal and currently looking at different options for my children in terms of education, keeping my options wide open.

I am wondering if it is possible to register one's children with an international school rather than a state school in terms of them checking on the children's progress in a home school set up as I would prefer my children to continue with Cambridge if possible or a similar alternative.  My children are 7, 9 and 11 years old.

Curious what are the options if considering homeschooling before making decisions on local private international schools. Is there an international curriculum that a family can follow allowed by Portuguese law?

Same here. I currently run a cottage school in SA and want to know the legalities if I want to setup in portugal using UK syllabus.