Applying to Portuguese University help!

Hi, my son has found a degree course in English that he would like to study in Portugal in September 2023.  He has applied and been told he can't apply until he gets his results but he doesn't get them until mid August by which time the application time has ended.  Do the students in Portugal get their exam results much earlier so that they can apply earlier?  Also there is mention of entrance exams for maths, art or descriptive geometry but as he's studied business, iIT and computer gaming he doesn't have maths experience at A Level?

Any help would be grateful received as communication with the University at Leiria is confusing!


Hi cb01, Welcome.

University of Leiria: you can see here in this link the Calendar 2023/2024, 1st and 2nd enrolment period for international students: … nacionais/

(Check the table in the section "Calendario 2023/2024"):


Leiria University:

International students … nacionais/

Special Application Form for International Students … nacionais/

If you need additional help, please reply here.

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Hi Thanks for your reply, my son has applied and has been told prior to applying that he could use his predicted grades to apply as he doesn't get his exam results until August.  But they came back and said as he doesn't have his final grades yet he can't apply?

I curious at the two application dates are before anyone gets results in the UK and wondering if students in Portugal get their results early?

I believe by the time he gets his results and gets them apostilled in the UK it will be too late to apply.  Thanks


There also seems to be some confusion as to whether he needs to take the Portuguese maths exam or they can accept his exams as enough including his GCSE's.

For Portuguese students, it seems to me that dates are different. In 2022, it was from 12 to 23 September 2022. In 2023, it will be similar. The exams in secondary school / GCSE take place between June and July, with a special period in September. … 2022-2023/

Regarding Maths exam, each university has different application procedures depending on each study program.

You can also get more information regarding curricular equivalence between countries by emailing:

[email protected]

Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) … l-students

@cb01! Which course exactly did he wants to apply for? IPLeiria has several different schools and campus according to each field of studies.

Is it Jogos Digitais e Multimédia?

Yes, it's the undergraduate course in Games and Multimedia. It's so frustrating to get anyone to reply and get any help. The emails are confusing. My son has applied but told he can't because he doesn't have exam results. In the UK you can apply for university with predicted results and are usually offered a place subject to getting those results.

How do Portuguese students apply for University if they do their exams in July?  Surely they don't get exam results until August as well? 

How do Portuguese students apply for University if they do their exams in July? Surely they don't get exam results until August as well?

Here you can find the schedule 2023/2024 for the National Exams and for the admission application to universities: … de-acesso/

There are 3 application stages for access to universities, because there are also 3 stages of national exams.

@JohnnyPT yes we have done the application after they said we could use predicted grades but now they say we can't,so my son has wasted 50 euros for the application.

So tell me please, if I will apply now, then I will receive with all students my results in July?