Location for residence and climate conditions over a year

I live in the UK and now planning to re-locate to around Bern (office location-Genfergasse 4
Bern, 3011Switzerland). could you help with some information around which areas should I look for accomodation for two people. I am looking for a 5 room apartment (not too high).

Also, some help on what is the lowest temperature months and how cold on an average the winter months can get. I am assuming it's the same as the UK. but any information on expectations will be of great help.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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These are the averages for the Weather (°C) in Bern. As you know this winter has been a crazy one, so any results showing this past winter are showing a lot colder temps than usual.

January 3° / -3°
February 5° / -3°
March 10° / 1°
April 15° / 4°
May 18° / 8°
June 23° / 12°
July 25° / 13°
August 24° / 13°
September 20° / 10°
October 14° / 6°
November 8° / 1°
December 3° / -2°

Expat Team

Many thanks for your quick response. Much appreciated. Could you please provide some answer to the first part of my question i.e. locations to look for residence around the address I provided? Thanks once again