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This is not exhaustive, and you can add other website to this list, but here are some websites to find an appartment or have an idea of the prices.

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- Most of the appartments are unfurnsihed, but include usually a cellar and an access to a washing machine, the kitchen is normally fully equipped.
- You'll need to pay 2 to 3 months in advance, this money can be blocked at your bank on a special bank account with 2 signatures (owner and lender), you can also choose a caution company (like swisscaution).
- Contract is usually for 1 year minimum, and term can only be at a specific period (every 3 or 6 months), but if you can find someone to take other that will be no problem.
- prices follow the interest rate published every 3 months ( … ml?lang=fr)
- subletting is allowed if the owner is informed and a contract is established, price must be reasonnable compared to the normal price.

Plugs and power are of type J, find better description here … ets#Type_J

Super nice apartment for rent in Zurich now.

We have a wonderful apartment for rent with 3.5 rooms, a large balcony overlooking a beautiful green garden, which also surrounds the entire building.  The apartment is in Wiedikon, right near the 9 and 14 tram stop of Talwiessenstrasse.

Here is more info and some photos:
http://www.homegate .ch/homegate/ detail?lan= d&advertisementid= 103039451

Apartment is located close to Goldbrunnenplatz and next to Talwiesenstrasse and is less than 5 minutes from: Trams 9/14, bus 32/33/67, Shopping Center, Migros, Coop, Restaurants, Gemeinschaftszentru m, Swimming Pools, Skating rink, School (Aemtler), Hort und Kindergarten.

Apartment lies at the end of a quiet dead end street in a typical Zurich residential area, and surrounded by lush nature. There's a play ground and shared garden area right in front.  Also, there is parking available on the Weg (small street) n which the building is located.

Apartment is on ground floor. Surface is approximately 75m2 (750 sq feet). Kitchen is fully equipped (incl dishes, etc) and has place to eat. Living room has hardwood floors and a large balcony onto a nice green area. Lots of storage space. Apartment is fully furnished, except for one bedroom, so nothing else is needed to live here.

Rent: CHF 2300/Monat inkl. Heat (which is 250 per month), all charges, and Cable TV (60 per month).

Available: July 1st until earliest end of October and extendable until July 2010

Address: Leonhard-Ragaz- Weg 14, 8055 Zürich (Tramstop Talwiesenstrasse)

Let me know if you're interested.  [email protected]

Ihave an offer ofCHF 150,000 per annum and I'm wondering if this will suffice for a family of three in Geneva. What would be the appropriate budget for a 2 bedroom apartment without being overly ostentatious? Thanks

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